What We Do

IRO General Body after our last Spring meeting!

Weekly Meetings

The General Body of the IRO meets every week, (Monroe Hall, Room 346, @ 7pm) to primarily practice and train for model UN conferences. As such, these meetings are focused on model UN topics, procedure, and skill-building. The organization calendar will be published towards the middle/end of August.

Some of our officers at our monthly Book & Bake Sale

Monthly Events

Every month, we host an event for general international affairs discussion, a guest speaker, career building, etc. These meetings are separate from the weekly model UN meetings, but offer a unique side of what the IRO has to offer! We also hold a monthly Book and Bake Sale to raise funds for exciting MUN conferences and other club activities.

Our Saturday Simulation on the fall of the Soviet Union, NATO 1991

Saturday Simulations

Once a month on Saturday, the IRO hosts model UN style crisis simulations on different topics, like the kind seen at actual collegiate model UN conferences. This is meant to hone our delegates skills, and get them ready for conferences, but in a much more relaxed and casual environment. More details about our simulations can be found here!